Interactive Design

I have been fortunate to have worked with many talented designers, writers and developers who have redefined what is possible online. Together, we have tackled countless projects, laughing and crying through the night to get them delivered. I can say with confidence that I can own every pixel from concept to launch.


Over 30 million buyers from small-to-medium enterprises rely on to discover, compare, and purchase products and services. 

Goal: Pivot site focus from revenue per visit to lifetime value of users.

Strategy: Become a trusted destination for Startups seeking the resources to grow their businesses.

Tactic: Publish relevant content that provides value for the target audience.

User Experience: Developed a dynamic publishing platform that promoted discoverability, interaction and sharing of content.

Result: Increased return visits, page views and email database registrations.



The WD-40 Specialist line of lubricants was developed for professionals who require higher than consumer-grade performance. 

Goal: Promote the specialist line of products as a solution designed for professionals.

Strategy: Differentiate the line from core products through education and demonstration.  

Tactic: Provide content that demonstrates relevance and efficacy of the line.

User Experience: Developed a microsite that visually communicated positioning, promoted awareness, built retailer demand and end-user loyalty.

Result: The Specialist line was able to capture a market segment that had been targeted by competitors claiming an industry professional positioning.


Geary LSF

Geary LSF is a full service digital marketing agency. Geary LSF specializes in omni-channel marketing and manages campaigns for more than 450 brands worldwide such as: WD-40, Bumble Bee Foods, Target, Megapath, Aramark.



RelationEdge helps companies implement Salesforce, providing a custom engineered technology solution that will improve your business processes, solve your biggest challenges, and improve sales results.


For more than 160 years, M&T has helped people and businesses manage their money and make sound financial decisions. Whether you're buying a home, building a business, or broadening your career, find out how we're making a difference, every day.

Kemper Insurance

The Kemper family of companies is one of the nation’s leading insurers. With $8 billion in assets. Kemper’s Property & Casualty Insurance segment is a top 25 personal lines insurance company in the U.S., generating more than $1.4 billion in premiums per year.


A solution to help Pay TV providers expand their services and bridge the gap between traditional TV and Internet TV. MobiTV delivers a high quality streaming video experience to subscribers in-home, in-hand, and everywhere in-between.