Grant Reinero Debuts New Short film

Grant Reinero, bass player and vocalist in Stewardess, is about to debut his first film. The film is titled Bug , and it will screen on Saturday, Aug. 22, at Ken Cinema. In a phone interview with CityBeat , Reinero says that he's had an interest in film for a long time.

Reinero describes Bug as a "poetic kind of take on a coming-of-age movie," from the perspective of a young boy. It took six months to complete. He had some more elaborate ideas at first, but eventually decided it smarter to make a film with a simpler focus.

CBS Channel 8 Interview 2017

CBS Channel 8 Interview 2017

A Director's International Festival Premiere

Writer-Director Grant Reinero premieres his latest short film "A Forest" at The San Diego International Film Festival. The SDIFF presents the best in independent film making, offering extraordinary indies and first looks at studio films vying for the Academy Awards, as well as panel discussions with filmmakers that will inspire, entertain, educate, and stimulate conversation among film lovers.


Musicians Making Movies

 “I had the use of this huge VHS camera as a kid,” Reinero says, which technically was his dad’s. “I was nine or ten years old.” Eventually, he got good enough at shooting and editing raw footage to make rock videos for bands. Reinero likewise counts his background in graphic design, writing, and photography as the steps that brought him full circle to making movies.



Between Vice and Virtue

Back from a lengthy hiatus from the local music scene is Grant Reinero with a new band, a goth-pop trio he calls Stewardess. Reinero seems intent on making up for lost time: “Stewardess has played the Tin Can, the Ken Club, the Griffin, Bar Pink, and the Hotel Utah in San Francisco.” Stewardess is Reinero on bass and vocals, percussionist Matt Fowler, and John Mattos on guitar and keyboards. They’ll be at the Hideout on Thursday, June 12.