Published - - February 22, 2017

Published - - February 22, 2017

Personality Disorders that Get You Hired

The modern workplace is a demanding environment that requires employees to perform in highly specialized positions. The market for these jobs has become intensely competitive leading employers to look beyond traditional qualifications. Personal attributes once considered too taboo to discuss are now potential differentiators. Personality disorders may no longer be something to hide but rather a point of pride for applicants who need their resumes to standout.

Whether you have been clinically diagnosed with a personality disorder or just suspect that you might have one, it is important to know what careers best suit your particular mental illness.

The following resource provides guidance for those looking to parlay their craziness into crazy career opportunities:

1. Narcissist

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by a pattern of grandiosity, an overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a lack of empathy toward others.

Best Use: This disorder lends itself to positions of authority and is generally found in C-level executives. While individuals with this trait often excel in upper management and lead their organizations to great profits, most companies would not openly admit to looking for a narcissist. For this reason, alternate self-descriptions or phrases can be useful, such as: ‘purpose driven’ or ‘sense of mission’.

Published - - December 22, 2016

Published - - December 22, 2016

Own Your CEO In 6 Steps

Do you have a brilliant idea? These six tips will help you get your voice heard and influence the head honchos of the world.

Let's say you have an incredible idea that will revolutionize your company. But, for whatever reason no one will take you seriously. Your immediate superior, who typically claims your concepts as his own, simply shrugs off your brilliance with flat indifference. In desperation, you break ranks and pitch your genius concept to the CEO at the company picnic. You are so taken with your own masterful performance that you fail to notice that the buffet table has hijacked your Chief Executive’s attention. Finally, your powerful summation is met with a patronizing pat on the back and a half-hearted thank you.

This is the last straw; the total lack of vision is so frustrating that you become a disgruntled mass of burning rage. If this sounds familiar, you are one of many who could benefit from a few basic strategies for influencing people.

1. Rock Your Business Hat

“It is useless to be an original thinker unless you can sell it.” - David Ogilvy, Marketing Executive

It can be intoxicating to feel like you hold the key to undiscovered potential. But without a compelling estimate of risk, investment and return, you will find yourself alone in your excitement.